Vision & Mission


To establish ministry teams networked worldwide, preaching the whole Gospel of salvation, healing, and deliverance. 


To establish a network of ministry teams fulfilling Christ’s mission to preach the Gospel, heal the broken hearted, and set the captives free. (Luke 4:18) 


To develop a new movement within Christianity which restores a biblical model of spiritual freedom and Christian witness that is both practical and transformational. 


Plant ministry teams which will be safe places where people are healed, where their gifts are developed, and where their lives will testify to the reality of their transformation. 

Grow the presence of the ministry of deliverance so that mainstream churches can no longer ignore the reality of personal evil and exorcism. 

Be a witness to the secular world of the power of Christ by building an irrefutable body of evidence to God’ss healing and deliverance power. 

Bring the lost to Christ by demonstrating the resurrection power of Christ through New Testament supernatural encounters. 

Be a biblical alternative to popular occult techniques that have infiltrated society and the church through the growth and acceptance of spiritually questionable practices in alternative medicine and secular self-help programs. 

Partner with other churches, ministries, and denominations, as well as medical and mental health professions, which are willing to help further our mission. 

Embrace the teaching and discernment of other ministries that add to the effectiveness, understanding, and biblical foundation of the anointing and call upon the Spiritual Freedom Church.