Membership Request

Interested in becoming a Do What Jesus Did member? Great! We are excited you want to be part of this vital ministry. But before you do, please be sure you meet the following prerequisites before submitting your membership request.

    1. Graduate of the International School of Exorcism
    2. Review and accept the following terms of agreement: View Here
          • Statement of Faith
          • Statement of Ethics
          • Statement of Practice
          • Charter of Affiliation

After we receive your Membership request form, we will send you a link to:
    1. Process the $50 Membership Registration – this helps maintain the website, DWJD resources, and supports our worldwide mission to fulfill the mission of Christ (Luke 4:18).
    2. Download, sign and email your Charter of Affiliation to:

Once we confirm receipt of the above, we will introduce you to the Director of Development and the Regional Leader, plus give you access to our site, where you can set up your profile and have access to useful resources.

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